The 10 Most Common Thoughts Tennis Players Have on the Court

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The 10 Most Common Thoughts Tennis Players Have on the Court

Tennis is a sport where swinging rackets meet a comic drama inside players’ heads. From debunking the meaning of life serves to imagine that the opponent’s shoelaces turn into a knot. So, today we have the 10 most hilarious common thoughts that tennis players have on the court.

The Existential Crisis Serve

Pov: You enter the court with boosted enthusiasm and when you encounter the large crowd just waiting for you to win, you experience a fast-paced recap of your life and get the below thoughts:

Amid-serve, the mind takes a philosophical journey. “Why am I here? Is there a higher purpose to this ace? Maybe I’ll solve the mysteries of the universe before the ball lands.”

Ballerina or Tennis Pro?

Pov: You are hitting shots in the best flexible way possible drifting over the court with repeated turning, swings & backhand strokes, and suddenly get a weird realization like the one mentioned below:

During a graceful backhand, players wonder if they missed their true calling as a dancer. “Am I twirling on a tennis court or auditioning for Barbie & Swan Lake?” I mean duh!

The Daydream Procrastinator 

Pov: When a player is on the court & especially during a match, no one can help them apart from themselves so the player starts making fake thoughts and scenarios to lighten up their mind like:

As partners volley, players imagine hilarious scenarios. “What if we switched rackets? Or better yet, if they turned into a pumpkin at midnight?”

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Pov: The player is getting a heads-on on the opponent and suddenly water starts dripping on them & all the established progress starts to fade. 

When raindrops fall, players unleash a series of desperate thoughts: “Why didn’t I check the weather forecast?” and “Is there a rain dance that can make this stop?” They suddenly become amateur weather forecasters.

The Dramatic Slow-Mo Dive

Pov: The master shot was perfectly delivered by the player and amid the short everything started moving at 0.5X speed.

As players dive for a shot, time slows down. Players reflect on their newfound superhero status. “I must look amazing in slow motion right now. Oscars, here I come!”

The ‘Oops, I Did It Again’ Blunder

Pov: The powerful shot was hit with overwhelming confidence and it barely made into the Net itself !! 

After a mishit, players imagine their racket talking. “Bravo, Sir! Another masterpiece – let’s call it the ‘Uplifting Lob of Frustration.'”

The Victory Dance Rehearsal

Pov: You are winning with a sudden burst of adrenaline rush in your body and are sure because you are having your perfect day. 

During the game, players choreograph victory dances. “I’ll moonwalk to the net after winning this point. Smooth criminal, indeed.”

SMASH or Pass?

Pov: Life always gives 2 choices to everyone and for a tennis player this moment arises in every match for example:

At the net, a tennis player faces the volley. Should they delicately tap the ball over the net or channel their inner superhero and smash it down the opponent’s throat? Decisions, decisions.

Do I look Good Enough?

Pov: No one has to imagine this, because everyone is image-conscious, and a player’s clothing on the court somewhere defines their status too as their winning shot can make them memorable but their looks can help them claim chatters and being conscious about it like the one mentioned below are totally normal 

Mid-match wardrobe malfunctions are a genuine concern. Whether it’s adjusting a twisted headband or tugging at a rebellious shirt, players think, “Is my attire holding up or staging a rebellion of its own?” After all, got some cute fans to impress**

Help me LORD – Squirrel!

Pov: You are unable to digest the feeling on the court and being the center of focus for many watchers can be weird. So, most of the players SQUIRRE!! And make face scenarios like;

Unexpected distractions like a falling leaf or a distant sneeze can derail focus. Players find themselves thinking, “Did I just see a UFO, or was that a bird?” It’s amazing what can pass for a distraction.

Wrap Up 

Tennis players’ brains are like a carnival of random thoughts, from the clever to the comical. During rivalry, these common mental thoughts tell us that even on the court, giggling & laughter is essential, and having random thoughts is a pervasive thing with everyone


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