Hubert Hurkacz VS Andrey Rublev, Hubert to win the Shanghai Masters.

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Hubert Hurkacz stands differently in each match and serves his best performance. It was Pole’s second Masters Triumph, and they had victories playing in the 2021 Miami and their seventh ATP title. 

Who is Hubert Hurkacz?

Hubert Hurkacz was born on 11 February 1997 in Wroclaw, Poland. His love for Tennis grew with age and holds many records for now. Let us know more about his achievements; Hubert serves the highest ranking as a world no. 9, organized by the Association of Tennis Professionals. Moreover, he is recognized as a Polish man for his outstanding presentation. Hubert witnessed victory in seven ATP Tour singles titles, covering two Masters 1000 titles at the 2021 Miami Open and the 2023 Shanghai Masters. As of his dedicated mindset, Hubert has become the first pole and won the ATP Masters 1000 title. Furthermore, in June 2022, he ranked as a world No. 30 in doubles. 


About his successful outcome

Hubert shares his success by defining himself in each match he played. Here is the recent update about the game where Hubert Hurkacz and Andrey Rublev faced off in a thrilling showdown on the tennis court. Hubert Hurkaz won the match and defeated the seed by 6-3, 3-6, 7-6. It was difficult for Andry Rublev to manage the game and make a safe place for him. The match was arranged on Sunday and was a thrilling Shanghai Masters final. After enduring a nail-biting third-set tie break in front of watching Roger Federer, the 16th seed reflected an emotional battle that seemed unforgettable. 

Moreover, Hubert Hurkaz said that the match went well, and Andrey hit an incredible serve with his perfect timing. Initially, Andrey kept his point score better, and later, Hurbert Hurkaz earned some points. This was the fourth match, and with some tricky moments in between. 

How did the match begin?

As the match began, both players were set to proceed; Hurkacz, with his high-class performance, created pressure on Rublev and maintained his score. It was tough for Rublev to score well against the best performer. The score was 4-2, and Hurkacz was in the lead. As time was tough for Rublev, a 25-year boy developed an aggressive mindset on the ground, but he could not do anything to raise the point score. Hurkacz continued to perform well and witnessed successive deals. The point score was 5-2. The Pole Hurkacz won the final with a tournament-leading 77 aces. Hurkacz was in the limelight and was honoured for his performance.

Rablev’s best side 

Hurkacz won the first set in 31 minutes, and inevitably, he scored 21 runs with another ace. Eventually, Rablev had his first set in Shanghai, and unfortunately, he witnessed failure. But we won’t forget his best time in April when he won the Monte Carlo Masters and the point score was 2-0. The 26-year-old Hurkacz lost again in the deciding third set. This proves that failure does not stay for long; if you focus well, you can defeat any winner and bloom brightly. Rublev described his angry outburst in Saturday’s semi-final win over Grigor Dimitrov as “ugly” and again struggled with his emotions. 

Rublev saved a match point at 4-5 in the third set moments before the crowd booed him after aggressively yelling at courtside photographers. The battling pair went into a tiebreak, where Hurkaz eventually prevailed. Hurkaz said his confidence carried him through even when he was down in the tiebreak and facing a loss. Moreover, he shared how he was happy and had a peaceful match. Hurkaz managed to be stable in every situation he was a part of.

Corners to improve for Rublev

When it comes to Rublev, he needs to improve more and prepare for the upcoming matches. He knows how Hurkacz’s playing, but for some reason, Rublev could have done better. Furthermore, Rublev said that Hubert Hurkacz was serving unreal and was happy overall. He also said he is steeping authentically and hopefully will shine in the upcoming matches. The game has uncertain moves; we cannot predict the final call. But if you stay focused and have the potential to break the barrier, the entire game can be played by your mindset. Believe in your potential, and the result will be stunning.


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