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 U.S. Open 2023 Women Singles Final: Coco Gauff's Triumph Receives Vote of Confidence from President Biden

Posted by Admin on 8th Jun 2024

U.S. Open 2023 Women Singles Final: Coco Gauff's Triumph Receives Vote of Confidence from President Biden

New York, September 9, 2023 - Coco Gauff has emerged victorious at the exciting three-set showdown against Belarusian Champion Aryna Sabalenka at the U.S. Open 2023 Women Singles Final. The 19-year-old was on cloud nine as she went to clinch the U.S. Open Title and received a unified ovation for her feat at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City.

The teenager made a significant turnaround, securing her first-ever Grand Slam with a 2-6, 6-3, 6-2 win. Gauff is the first victor of the U.S. Open Title after Sloane Stephens defeated Madison Keys in the 2017 Championship. She stands tall as the first American teenager to grab the Singles in New York after Serena Williams in 1999.

Coco Gauff felt like she was in seventh heaven and expressed her joy by stating, "I learned how to just stay within myself but also embrace it." She added, "Before, I tried to ignore it, but now I'm really embracing it, and I still feel like I have a long way to go as a player. Today was nowhere near my best, but it was just enough that I needed to win at that moment."

As celebrations rippled across the country, with best wishes from celebrities, fellow professionals, and former Presidents, President Joe Biden congratulated the young sensation on X (formerly Twitter). He wrote, "Congrats to U.S. Open Champion Coco Gauff. You electrified Rather Ashe Stadium and the entire nation - the first of more to come and proof that anything is possible if you never give up and always believe. You've made America so proud."

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Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama also wished congratulations on her incredible win on X.

Gauff confided to the reporters, "When I hugged my dad, I didn't see him because he went immediately for the embrace. I heard him crying, but I have never seen that man cry with everything that's happened. My mom, I knew she would cry regardless of whether I won or lost. I wasn't shocked with that."

She concluded with, "But, I mean, honestly, the whole time, I was saying to myself, 'Oh my goodness, how is this real?'"

This U.S. Open was only the second Grand Slam event for Gauff after her loss to Iga Swiatek in the 2022 French Open. She hit her mark by securing the first WTA in the 2023 Cincinnati Open. The 25-year-old Sabalenka conquered the initial set of 40 minutes as she powered through, breaking Gauff's serves thrice in the match's opening. Gauff made a fierce comeback in the second set as she squared away the aggressive swings from Sabalenka with a more composed endeavour with a score of 6-3, further dictating the game in the third set.

By the beginning of the third set, the game had already aced up Gauff's sleeve. Aryna Sabalenka was observed to be visibly on the edge. Gauff secured breaks in the first, third and seventh games, eventually leading to victory. Sabalenka made a slight comeback as she broke Gauff's sixth serve. However, Gauff already had the upper hand in the Grand Slam Championship. Gauff's journey has been echoed by her promise at the age of just in the win against Venus Williams at Wimbledon.

Celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Cara Delevingne, Ariana DeBose, and Diane Keaton were noted amid the crowd's cheer. In the meantime, Gauff's Social Media was flooded with wishes and comments from star athletes and celebrities.

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