Nutritional Tips That Every Tennis Player Should Take Into Account

Nutritional Tips That Every Tennis Player Should Take Into Account

Healthy proposals so that your diet is optimal and you can perform at its best; It matters not only what and how much we eat, but also when.

Said Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872), German philosopher and anthropologist, that “we are what we eat.” Without a doubt, food has a very notable impact on our quality of life.

There is no single way to achieve optimal nutrition, as we are not all the same. However, if you are a regular tennis player, you can follow some general tips that will help you to be adequately nourished:


The food intake that you do before a match will be subject to the time of day in which it takes place. The ideal is to do it three or four hours before entering the track, including a high carbohydrate content (bread, pasta, rice, cereals), moderate proteins, and reducing fats.

We must be careful not to go overboard because we will feel burdensome on the court afterward if we overeat.

If you want to avoid hunger assaulting you during the game, you can have a small snack an hour before starting; An energy bar, a banana, and some liquid would be a good option. It is not advisable to take protein shakes (complex to digest), caffeinated drinks, nuts, and salads at this time (they can play a trick on you in gastrointestinal terms due to their high fiber content).


During the game, you may need a large amount of energy that your body will take from your glycogen reserve (a polysaccharide that the body stores in the liver and muscles as an energy reserve).

Therefore, what you drink during the game should replace the glycogen consumed, so isotonic drinks, energy bars, and bananas are also advisable now.

As for hydration, it is highly recommended to drink approximately fifteen minutes instead of being guided by your level of thirst.


After the significant consumption of energy that occurs during a meeting, we must regain strength through foods rich in protein (lean meat) and carbohydrates. It is advisable to have this meal within two hours after the game.

If you are scheduled to play two games in a row, try to rehydrate correctly and eat carbohydrates to quickly regain energy between one and the other.

What foods should we include in our diet?

The balanced diet of a tennis player must include carbohydrates, proteins, mineral salts, vitamins, and healthy fats, in addition to proper hydration. Conveniently, the nutrients come from fresh and natural foods, avoiding ultra-processed or those containing too many preservatives.

Therefore, it is essential that we do not lack at home: fruits, vegetables (the less cooked, the better), whole grains, legumes, raw or roasted nuts (moderate consumption), extra virgin olive oil, bluefish ( mackerel, salmon, anchovies, anchovies, sardines), water and natural juices.

We can also include meat, eggs, and dairy products (fermented ones are especially beneficial), ensuring that they are of good quality.

On the other hand, we must avoid refined sugar, saturated fats, excessive consumption of salt, processed meat products, and refined flours.

Naturally, these tips are indicative, and we do not have to obsess about following them strictly; However, they are a fantastic reference when it comes to shaping our eating habits.