Babolat BallFighter 21 Junior Tennis Racket

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Babolat BallFighter 21 Junior Tennis Racket

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Babolat BallFighter 21 Junior Tennis Racket


Babolat Ballfighter 21'' Junior Racket

Are you hoping to acquaint your young one with the thrilling universe of tennis? The Babolat Ballfighter 21'' Junior Racket is here to make that venture charming and available. Planned in light of maturing players aged 4-5, this racket offers an ideal mix of size, weight, and execution to assist your kid with creating fundamental abilities and fabricating certainty on the court.



Head Size: The 610 cm² (94 sq in) head size gives an optimal harmony between control and power, permitting your kid to make significant shots without feeling overpowered.

Length: At 53.34 cm (21 inches) long, this racket is the perfect size for youthful players, guaranteeing that they can easily deal with it and learn legitimate tennis methods.

Composition: Made from solid aluminum, this racket can endure the afflictions of fledgling play while staying lightweight and simple to move.

Racquet Colours: Energetically hued in shades of blue and red, the Ballfighter 21'' Junior Racket adds a smidgen of enjoyment to each game, making tennis a thrilling experience for your youngster.

Age and Height: This racket is customized for young people aged 4-5 with levels going from 100-112 cm. It's an ideal fit for those anxious to begin their tennis process.


The Ballfighter 21'' Junior Racket is something other than a regular tennis racket; it's an entryway to a long-lasting affection for the game. It's intended to make tennis open and pleasant for your youngster, giving them a dependable device to learn and play the game. With its smart plan and sturdy development, it's the ideal method for acquainting youthful players with the delights of tennis. Provide your youngster with the endowment of a sound, dynamic way of life and watch them develop into certain tennis fans with the Babolat Ballfighter 21'' Junior Racket.


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