Headbands & Head-ties

Do you think putting up a headband while playing tennis looks cool? Of course, it does attract visible attention, headgears also have significant importance in the game. When Suzanne Lenglen first used a headband in 1910, it became a style statement. However, soon, the benefits of headbands and headties were also acknowledged.

Today, such headgears are considered one of the most essential accessories required for playing tennis. Most popular tennis brands also offer headbands and headties and an essential accessory.

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These head gears have become a trademark for some of the popular sports across the globe such as tennis, basketball, and martial arts. Not only sports, but many sportspersons, especially tennis players are responsible for popularizing these head gears. For example, Rafael Nadal, one of the highest ranked in world tennis is mostly noticed in headties. Wish to get a headtie for your tennis match or practice? Tennisshop.ae is the best online store for you. 

Benefits of Wearing Headbands and Headties

Why do so many sportspersons prefer to wear headgears while playing their respective matches? Do not misunderstand them to be just a style trend. Wearing headband and headties can offer several benefits to the players and can help enhance their performance. Look out for the best headgear options at tennisshop.ae to avail these many benefits. 

  • Sweat under Control:

One of the major benefits of wearing headbands or headties is to keep sweat under control. Often when sweat drips from your forehead to your brows or your eyes, it causes irritation and you lose focus on the game. The headgear prevents sweat from hampering your focus by absorbing the sweat from your forehead and scalp. 

  • Moisture-Free:

Many players find that they have developed acne or rashes on their foreheads due to sweat during the game. It is not always possible to wash or wipe out the sweat and oil from your forehead in the middle of the game. So, the headgear once again comes to the rescue. It absorbs the moisture to keep your forehead dry and free from any skin-related agitations. 

  • Manages Hair:

Most girls use headties to keep their hair from coming on their foreheads or eyes, which might interfere with their game. Even when you tie your hair into a knot, the locks and smaller hairs in front can cause trouble at times. A headtie is a perfect solution to keep your hair from becoming a barrier to your focus. This works well for both men and women. 

  • Impressive Appearance:

Lastly, headbands and headties surely offer an impressive appearance to the players. When you play with your headgear, it leaves a long-lasting image in the spectator’s mind. 

Headband and Headties for Various Activities:

When you are shopping for headbands and headties at tennisshop.ae, do not limit its usage just to your tennis matches. There are so many ways how you can utilize them also in your day-to-day activities. The main concept of the headgear is to offer you a forehead and vision free from your loose hair and sweat. So, you can use them for various purposes such as makeup, baking, and even for studies. 

It is not surprising enough if you consider it to be a fashion trend. Celebrities and even the general public wore headgear as a part of their style during the 80s. 

Quality Headgear from Diverse Brands:

With the rising popularity of headbands and headgear, most tennis brands today have come up with a massive headgear collection. Global brands like Nike bring to you their headgear with their signature logo designed on them at the most reliable online tennis accessories store tennisshop.ae.

Picking up any random headgear is not a great option as it can worsen the situation. So, the best thing is to rely upon the best brands and pick up headgear options that are comfortable and are capable of serving the purpose for which you are buying them. 

Picking the Right Headgear

When you go out for headgear shopping, you will come across so many options available in terms of colors, styles, and designs. How do you know which one is the best option for you? You must pick the right headgear mostly based on your comfort. Apart from comfort, you must also pick your headgear based on your forehead size and the apparel you are wearing. 

If you are a style-concerned personality, you will always check whether the headgear matches your apparel or not. Browse through tennisshop.ae to come across a wide range of headbands and headties to check which one complements your apparel for the next match. 

Of course, you must also go through the details mentioned in the description of the headgear to understand whether it will serve your purpose or not. 

Headbands and headties are eminent accessories while playing various sports like tennis. It benefits the players in different ways that enable them to boost their performance in their game. However, you must research well to pick up the right headgear from the right place to experience comfortable wear and benefit from its features. Browse through a wide range of headbands and headties from different brands at tennisshop.ae to get the one that suits you the most. 


Should I wear headbands for tennis?

It’s not compulsory to wear headties or headbands for tennis. But it’s a style statement that can flaunt your sense of fashion along with giving its benefits.

Why do tennis players wear headbands and headties?

The headbands and headties are not only for fashion, but they have beneficial uses also. They are normally used by the tennis players to absorb sweat from their faces and hands. 

Do the tennis players still wear headbands?

Yes, many tennis stars still wear tennis headbands and headties as their fashion statement. recently, padded headbands are considered as a bold fashion statement that seek quite a lot of attention on the court.

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