Babolat VS Original X3 Tennis Overgrip

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Babolat VS Original X3 Tennis Overgrip

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Babolat VS Original X3 Tennis Overgrip

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Versus Orignal X3 Tennis Overgrip


Are you passionate about battling it out on the tennis court? Do you seek an overgrip that's both absorbent and provides a dry feel? Look no further than the legendary VS Original X3, a decision even Rafa has trusted for more than 10 years!


Extra Absorption for Supreme Confidence


Bid goodbye to those troublesome tricky hands that can startle your game. The VS Original X3 highlights a fine non-woven layer that quickly ingests sweat, guaranteeing you step onto the court for each point with steadfast certainty.


Extraordinary Feel for Precision


Prestigious as one of the best and driest overgrips in our reach, the VS Original X3 offers you an uplifted feeling of control. At the point when you use it, you'll see even the subtlest subtleties of your handle, permitting you to make accurate plays.




Sport: All Games

Type: Feel

Absorption Level: 4/5

Thickness: 0.43 mm

Tackiness: Dry

Length: 110 cm

Composition: Unwoven, 100 percent PET Polyurethane


Raise your tennis match-up with the VS Original X3 Join the positions of champions and feel the distinction with each swing.


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