Slazenger Wimbledon Tennis Balls

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Slazenger Wimbledon Tennis Balls

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Slazenger Wimbledon Tennis Balls



Slazenger Vibora Padel Bag

Composition: Waterproof PU-coated synthetic leather

Color: White/Gold

Brand: Slazenger

SKU: SZP21340107

Department: Padel Bags

Net Quantity: 1

Generic Name: ‏Slazenger Vibora Padel Bag

Key Features of Slazenger Vibora Padel Bag

  • Superior quality materials used- The Slazenger Vibora Padel Bag is made up of superior quality materials that are water-proof, PU-coated and synthetic leather
  • Ergonomic design- The design is ergonomic keeping in mind that the bag needs to be carried on the shoulders. Hence there is a supportive shoulder strap, so that you can effortlessly transport the bag.
  • Looks mesmerizing- The opulence with a golden Slazenger logo on both sides makes this bag extraordinarily eye-grabbing. Also, this bag can enhance your style statement when you carry your play equipment and accessories with you.

About the product

This Slazenger Vibora Padel Bag is the upgraded version of the old version of padel bags and is one amazing collection of padel bags by Slazenger. The bag’s design, color combination, and materials used are just too good. The water-proof material can protect your bag from external hazards and the synthetic leather gives a stylish yet classy look. The color combination with the Slazenger logo is something that can grab your attention in terms of looks. The ergonomic design lets you carry the bag effortlessly anywhere you want.


What is the dimension of this Slazenger Vibora Padel Bag?
The bag has a dimension of 60cm - 42cm - 24 cm

What is an ergonomic padel bag?
An ergonomic padel bag is designed in such a way that it sets in the body perfectly after attaching the straps properly and it helps carry the bag without any health problems. Aloso chances are low that you will get pains after carrying this bag for long.

Can I play padel on a tennis court?
No, you can’t play padel on the tennis court as the designs are different in both. Also, the tennis courts are almost 25% bigger than the padel courts.


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