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Take your game to the next level with Wimbledon Championships tennis gear

he origin of tennis tournaments dates back to 1877. It was first played in Wimbledon. During that time, tennis was not known as “Tennis”, but with the name “Sphairistike”. This means “the art of playing with a ball.” Tennis was completely in its infancy when the tennis tournament started in Wimbledon. However, today, Wimbledon is the most prestigious tennis tournament played on the grass court of Wimbledon, which is in the London Borough of Merton.

Why is Wimbledon so famous?

Initially, Wimbledon was played in the club between the club members and their families on vacations. However, with time, the name of the club and place grew much more than what used to be and became the heart of Tennis Grand Slam.

While the game of tennis flaunts your fashion statement along with your strikes and footwork, dress codes are there for the spectators even for watching Wimbledon. As a spectator, you can not wear running vests, torn jeans, sports shorts, or dirty sneakers.

Some fun facts about Wimbledon:

  • One of the most popular traditions of Wimbledon is strawberries and cream. 191,930 portions of strawberries were served in Wimbledon during the tournament for 2 weeks.
  • Wimbledon used almost 54,250 tennis balls. The balls are changed every 7 to 9 minutes so that the matches are played in a perfect ball structure.
  • Slazenger is the official partner of balls for Wimbledon.
  • Players have a very strict dress code. The apparel and gear have to be all white.
  • It is the oldest tennis tournament held first time on 1877.
  • Wimbledon is the tournament that is still played on grass court.

Why do the tennis players in the Wimbledon Tournament wear white dresses?

The tournament of Wimbledon has a specific dress code. The tennis players wear completely white dresses. The dress code is fixed because the white dresses have the least stains from sweating. “Tennis white” became the rule of the attire for the tennis players participating in the tournament.

Why Wimbledon is so popular?

Though there are several tennis tournaments and matches going on throughout the year, Wimbledon still holds a special place in the hearts of tennis players located globally.

The reasons are many:

  • Wimbledon is an international game now. International players participate in the game and most players from other countries won the Grand Slam rather than the British.
  • Wimbledon has a massive media coverage. ESPN, BBC, etc., offer livestreaming of the matches creating a hype and popularity among the people globally.
  • Wimbledon has an amazing history that other tournaments don’t have actually. The origin and the history associated with it make Wimbledon so popular.
  • Celebrities watch celebrities in the Wimbledon tournament. Even the British Royal Family attends the tournament which is the flagship tournament of the UK.
  • Grass court makes Wimbledon different from the other massive tennis tournaments.

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Is Wimbledon a brand?
Yes, Wimbledon is a reputed brand associated with tennis.

What is the brand logo of Wimbledon?
The Wimbledon logo is a crossed racket, a “flying W” and the alphabet W. All these together make the logo of Wimbledon.

What are the colors used in the Wimbledon logo?
White and purple, these are the two colors used in the logo of Wimbledon.

Why is Wimbledon so famous?
Wimbledon is the oldest tournament of tennis that is still played on grass court. This is a prestigious tournament that started in 1877. Only this tournament has all white dress code. All these features create a a feelings of grace, enthusiasm, legacy and made Wimbledon so popular.

Why is Wimbledon still played on grass courts?
The main reason for playing Wimbledon is the tradition the tournament holds. It's basically known as lawn tennis, as the British still call this play, and hence the tradition is still on to use lush green grass courts to play the tournament. In fact, Wimbledon is the only grand slam tournament that is still played on grass court.

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