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The Evolution of Tennis Fashion: Trendsetting Styles in 2024

24th May 2024

The Evolution of Tennis Fashion: Trendsetting Styles in 2024

Tennis apparel has become totally different from what players would have played about 40 years ago. The trends have been affected to some extent by society, which has been transformed greatly by the passing years.

The second factor contributing to the changes in people’s way of dressing up is that they are becoming bolder. Individuals tend to wear outfits that portray who they are, something that says who they are and what they stand for.

Here, we will talk about the evolution of the clothes that tennis players wear, how it has changed over the years, and who are some of the best-dressed tennis players of all time. In this article, we are going to discuss Tennis fashion trends.

The 1900s(Tennis Apparel’s beginning)

Queen Victoria’s reign marked an era of large-scale growth in the popularity of tennis. One of the evident characteristics was that players wore the attire that was prevalent in those days during tennis competitions. Those women supped on formal wear with high-necked collars and long sleeves.

Perhaps you have often been designed where the phrase “tennis whites” was worn first. Through this era, white was rich and was associated with it, like tennis being a somewhat upper-class sport, which was mostly accessible only to the wealthy.

The regulations of the early years are examples of the prestigious Wimbledon came up with, that it should be compulsory for tennis players to wear all-whites when playing a match in 1890.

The 1900s have been documented to be the decade when women tennis players were seen in long skirts, corsets, and stockings.

The outcome of this was that their clothes which had such long silhouettes interrupted the range of motion and had their games turn impractical and inferior in nature.

The 1920s

At this point, ladies players were scrutinizing the reasonableness of their clothing. What’s more, they were searching for choices that were agreeable as well as socially adequate. Among such ladies who were wrestling with twofold issues emerged the name of Suzanne Lenglen, a French tennis player.

At the point when she strolled into a Wimbledon game wearing a knee-length skirt and flaunting her exposed arms, she made a remarkable mix. Alongside this, she was seen brandishing a flapper-style headband and gleaming white stockings. Jean Patou was the architect who made her outfit.

Another French player, Rene Lacoste spearheaded ladies’ breathable cotton shirts that were more lightweight and windy. Lacoste, presently a well-known brand is as yet famous and keeps on massing produce simple and open active apparel.

The 1930s – 40s

Women’s tennis, previously caring, will turn into fun. Ladies of the 50s and 60s did need to challenge societal norms, and these messages were expressed in their wearings on the court.

Despite the fact that Helen Wills Moody has vanquished a lot of her opponents in her career, she has also confronted an old mode of man domination that had imprisoned women for ages. Her favorite dress code was skirts pleated till knee and white sleeveless blouses. And to the world she was identified by her white visor.

Blanche Bingley was not the only woman who dared to experience tennis with a different style. Gertrude Moran, a female champion of the 40s, found the courage to compete in Wimbledon wearing pants in 1949.

Tennis Attire from The 1950s – 60s

The sign of 1950s Tennis design consisted of snap-waisted creased skirts and extravagant pullovers with improving specifying. Players like Maureen Connolly were renowned for these looks.

Fred Perry, an English tennis player, sent off his own line for active apparel in 1952 that made open ladies’ activewear.

During the 1960s, mod design cleared up the tennis style game, and ladies players were progressively seen in smoothed out tunics with gingham pops. English players like Virginia Swim and Lorna Greville-Collins and French players like Marlys Burel promoted realistic shorts during this time.

The 1970s – 1980s

In 1973, Nike set a new trend in the sportswear market with tennis shoes, which it collaborated with a Romanian tennis player for the very first time. After that, big names like John McEnroe slowly started taking offers from the brand to wear their shoes and clothes. It’s made Nike actually a recognisable brand among the tennis players. To depart from the typical style which was dominated by white and monotonous colour patterns, Nike used all sorts of bright colors as well as bold patterns.

Likewise, in the 1980s, Agassi was signed by the brand and went with witty bright colors like neon and materials like denim. He was often posted, catching him in colorful outfits and cycling shorts. To be honest, he even boycotted the Wimbledon match between 1988 and 1990 mainly because he had a huge problem with their all-white policy and he wasn’t afraid to stick to his guns.

This was the idea behind the introduction of colours hence not sticking to the old routine of wearing white. The aim was to make the sport more endearing to the people, unlike in the old days when only some people could afford to participate. What had been planned was to make the world understand that tennis was no longer a sport that was just for the upper-class level.

The 1980s finally brought forth another trendsetter, Anne White. The woman risked a lot when she came to Wimbledon in a white unitard and was made to dress conventionally the following day. However, this warning automatically didn’t apply to her.

The 2000s-10s

Maria Sharapova, a Russian female tennis player in the early 2000s would regularly wear sportswear with some male styling as well as crystals. She wore a Nike-designed ensemble, an unprecedented and never-before-seen or worn-before item, at the 2008 Wimbledon. It was wrinkled, it was inspired by men’s tuxedos and particularly all of them noted it.

During the 2010’s Paris Open, everyone had a common question about what Venus Williams had come to the tournament with. She enjoys a good following among the crowds for the fact that she dons bold and creative outfits, and that particular day was one of them. She had in mind a black tulle lacy transparent teddy with nude straps and she had a pair of nude shorts underneath. To say that the outcome of this was risky would be to pardon the understatement.

Tennis clothing from the 2010s to the present day onwards

Women athletes have also abandoned hard and elaborate apparel that infringes on their comfort. Streetwear has stepped into tennis territory and that fact is evidently seen with level Serena Williams.

In 2016, the finals of Wimbledon Championships saw her appearing in a white dress with a high collar made by Nike. Moreover, she had a pleated skirt which also added to her eye-catching look. She was trampled on Twitter with some trolls accusing her for wearing something that evinced the slightest modesty. Despite the fact that it provoked a huge number of critics, she found her fans who supported her and enjoyed her unique outfit.

In 2018 she proceeded to wear a Nike catsuit for her tour which created quite a sensation among tennis-loving enthusiasts. What is more, catsuits were banned by the moment she started appearing on Roland Garros. The catsuit was not about trying to enact a fashion image with edgy clothes, but it was an effective way to prevent blood clots, which she was prone to encountering after giving birth to her daughter. You can browse the internet to check out Stylish tennis outfits.

What to wear while playing tennis?

Along with the equipment, players need to have the right clothing is very important in tennis. Investigate the garments used by tennis players as their attire while playing as well as the codes of conduct they have to adhere to during the matches.

Tennis is quite a demanding sport conducted at a fast pace, which involves plenty of sprinting and other dynamic actions. This is the reason why you must wear flexible clothes and give you the freedom to focus completely on executing compelling groundshots. With this in mind, the essay is therefore left to explore what tennis clothing is and how to make your choice in attire dependent on your own needs and preferences.

What do you classify as a top tennis player by its looks?

There is a standard distinction between tennis wear and normal sportswear in that the former is made of a material that will hold up well against the peculiar challenges inherent in the game. The tendency is to design tennis clothes in terms of lightweight, quality, and convenience on the court. For example, pockets large enough for tennis balls can be found on most attires. Check the different types of fashionable tennis gear to see which one is perfect for you.

Is it allowed to wear a tracksuit at a tennis game?

As for picking a tennis dress, the puzzling thought may also come at that “(do I need to keep in mind any rules or requirements to wear a tennis dress?)”. Ultimately, what to wear for tennis will depend on where you’re playing: Ultimately, what to wear for tennis will depend on where you’re playing:

Park or public court–

There are no uniforms dictated for non-competitive tennis players that you can play in a park or a common court where you pay only an entrance fee. Make sure to put on proper attire including non-soul marking shoes that will not damage the court’s surface in any way.

After-school clubs- Tennis club or country club

For instance, you play mainly for tennis clubs or country clubs to find that clubs occasionally also have a dress code, and your attire is different from what is usually accepted. So, this is to say, that rules may vary at each club, but they have a dress code. However, all the items of the attire will be white cotton shoes with non-marking soles, briefs/bikers will also be opted in which white underwear should not be printed or fashionable t-shirts, workout clothes.

Professional league-

The officials’ dress code at professional tennis practically copies club’s one where fluorescent- and bright-colored clothes is prohibited. These clothes are supposed to be rather sophisticated, modern and similar to new sport fashion. On top of it, some varieties of white uniform host the competitive games of this kind, for example, Wimbledon, where one of the traditions is the apparels of dignified bright white.

What is the Equipment That a Tennis Player Uses?

The male tennis players have to wear shirts and shorts as their uniforms, which is very different from female players, who have more variety in their choice of uniforms. Accordingly, for the most part of the tees or shirts that a tennis player ought to dress with, it is short sleeves and collared. However, they are loose and not hard to breathe. So, for example, men’s shorts are not required to comply with regard to a specific level of length and a particular width of the material.

Women most prefer shirts or t-shirts, therefore, pairing them with skirts or dresses is common. To be specific, other styles with nicely cut skirts and dresses available, backed up with the addition of shorts for support and comfort are usually common. In this regard, several options include oversize or flare breezy shorts as well as leggings with or without a skirt.

Which Tennis Dress To Select?

Buying a proper tennis dress is not just about picking an exciting one to dress up; it is more about investing your time in getting an overall look that makes you feel confident on the court, which will, in return, bring forth the best from you. The steps mentioned in this guide will cover the main considerations in buying the ideal tennis dress, we will include the place to shop, what to look for, and coming to the best decision based on your needs.

Fabric Quality:

Go for styles that can control your sweating on the court and let you dry out easily. Breezy and quick-drying fabrics should be worn. The embarrassment that comes from being sweaty on the court is not something anyone wants.

Fit and Comfort:

The overall design of the gown should be tailored in a way that is not too loose around the waist and without cinching on the one at the same time. Explore the sizes and types to achieve the best-fitting one.

Design and Features:

Also focused on changing dresses to be part of the sports further such as those with integrated shorts, ball pockets, and UV protection.

Style and Personal Preference:

On that point, try out a style you will feel comfortable with so that you can rock it out with confidence.


Tennis not only matters the nerve but also the flounder of one’s personal style. Indeed, each and every player tends to have their unique style irrespective of the intensity of the forthcoming event. So, it’s time to try something new and get the best online dresses on mix-n-match your style for the trending on-court fashion for the game of Tennis’s evolution where the crowd will fall for your sense of style and will appreciate all of your preparedness.