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Playing tennis requires a lot of agility. You need to move from side to side, front to back and every move possible depending upon the type of footwork you prefer. But not all shots are played comfortably. But Bidi Badu has come up with a solution to all your comfort needs while playing tennis. Buy Bidi Badu products online from and enjoy your game to the fullest.

What is Bidi Badu?
The name Bidi Badu is a comparatively new entree in the industry of sportswear. But, with its amazing quality and branding, the brand has become one of the most sought-after lifestyle wear brands globally.

The name Bidi Badu means something similar to “ Abracadabra”. The name is originated from the era of slave trade. During the historical time, the Zanzibar needed to make the Sultans happy by showing magic tricks every night. As soon as the magic show was over, they used to say “Bidi Badu!”

The name Bidi Badu originated from this concept. To be precise, Bidi Badu wants to offer magic, color, and the root of African life and origin while you are on the court.

Today Bidi Badu is a brand that is really creating magic in the sportswear segment with its comfortable, yet affordable products. You can buy Bidi Badu tennis apparel, and tennis accessories from Notice how the brand can magically enhance your performance on the court.

Why is Bidi Badu so popular?
If you want some vibrant colors, bold designs in your tennis apparel and tennis accessories, then Bidi Badu is for you. The out-of-the-box designs, colors, and combinations make this brand a popular brand. The top reasons why Bidi Badu is so popular are-

  • Innovative design- The innovative designs that incorporate bold designs and colors make this brand highly popular. Amazing graphics are used in the apparel and accessories that cater to the flaunting of the energy and persona of the player thus creating excessive passion and excitement of the game.
  • High-quality material- Quality is of topmost priority for all the products of Bidi Badu. The premium quality materials that are sweat-wicking, breathable, durable, and comfortable are perfect for daily wear. All products meet high-quality craftsmanship and quality making the brand awesome for the tennis players.
  • Functional performance- Only quality and durability can't make an apparel good for any sport, especially when the sport is tennis, that needs much agility. So, Bidi Badu creates tennis apparel that is made for functionality also. The materials are crafted to help the players move at the maximum level with comfort.
  • Wide range of collections- Bidi Badu offers a wide range of collections for men, women, and kids, starting from apparel to accessories, like socks, rackets, etc.
  • Engaging the community- By partnering with players through sponsorships, Bidi Badu helps to connect with the community of tennis lovers and the audience. This has helped them to grow as a brand.

Some popular Bidi Badu Products on
Bidi Badu is one of the top-selling sportswear brands in We have a wide range of collections to make your game more comfortable and take you one step closer to a winning game.

  • Tee shirts- Bidi Badu Wild Arts Chill Tee
  • Jacket- Bidi Badu Wild Arts Printed Jacket
  • Junior Shorts- Bidi Badu Crew Junior 2In1 Shorts
  • Junior Skirts- Bidi Badu Crew Pleated Junior Skort, Bidi Badu Melbourne Printed Wavy Skort
  • Junior Tank tops- Bidi Badu Crew Junior Tank
  • Junior Dress- Bidi Badu Crew Junior Dress
  • Tennis accessories- Bidi Badu Post-Match Legend Mesh Printed Trucker Cap, Bidi Badu The Aerodynamic Move Bandana -White

Why buy Bidi Badu Tennis gear from is one of the most reliable online stores for tennis gear. Bidi Badu is one such brand that is sold highly on You can buy the best designs at the best price. Also, do you need to buy some products related to your next tennis match? We are here to deliver your requirements to your doorstep within 24-48 hours of our express delivery. We are available to deliver our products all over Dubai and other Gulf Countries.

Get Great Deals on Bidi Badu Products from
If you are looking for the perfect sportswear for your tennis game, then can be your one-stop solution. We have all the necessary products that you need to play tennis. For example, we have a wide range of tennis apparel, and tennis accessories from which you can definitely get the best one according to your requirement.


  • What is Bidi Badu?
    Bidi Badu is a sports apparel brand that produces trendy and unique attires and accessories mainly for tennis.
  • Where is Bidi Badu based out of?
    Bidi Badu is a brand based out of Germany.
  • Why is Bidi Badu unique?
    Bidi Badu creates unique colored tennis attires and accessories that can create an amazing style statement for every tennis player. The neon colors, the non-traditional colors, and the cuts make this brand a unique one.
  • What are the Bidi Badu products available in
    At, we have different products of Bidi Badu. For example, we have junior tees, men’s tees, caps, socks, women’s skirts, and many more. Visit our website to find out the best product that you are looking for.
  • Does Bidi Badu sponsor athletes?
    Yes, Bidi Badu sponsors different tennis players on and off the court.
  • What is the Bidi Badu product sizing like?
    Bidi Badu has all body-sized products. Also at, there is a size guide from which you can select the perfect size that suits you.