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8th Jun 2024

“I will Miss You All” - Nadal after being withdrawn from BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells

36 Masters 1000 Titles, 22 Grand Slam Titles, and 209 weeks of being the World’s No. 1 - Guess who is this one of the best men tennis player rather than the maestro in the Tennis world?

Yes, it’s none other than Rafael Nadal, the King of International Tennis. But here is a piece of bad news for the global Nadal Fans who are waiting to see his master strokes and winning charisma that makes him different from the others.

Now, without saying much, let’s get to the upsetting point for tennis lovers. Rafael Nadal has been withdrawn from the upcoming BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells.

The 37-year-old tennis icon has suffered a lot due to his injuries throughout his career. Especially, the last five years have been a roller-coaster ride for him due to his unwanted injuries, which has prevented him from grinding in the clay courts in professional tennis.

As per the latest news, Nadal has been forced to withdraw from the tournament.

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However, as per the news, the Spaniard will come back home and prepare for the Monte Carlo match. Though the situation does not support him, still we all hope to see him back after recovering from all the injuries.

Till the beginning of 2023, Nadal has played seven matches with his hip injury. This was his worst break in his career despite his amazing start in the year 2022.

The Tennis wizard’s problem started during Wimbledon. He injured his abdominal muscle, and he withdrew himself from the semi-final. Since then, the maestro has been trying to get back his World No. 1 form, which looked next to impossible with the recurring injuries.

In his Instagram, Nadal wrote that he is too sad to withdraw himself as he loves playing in Indian Wells, and hence he reached there early to have more practice. He also stated that he underwent a test and that revealed that he is not fit enough for the tournament.

Nadal also concluded his post by saying that- "I will miss you all, and I am sure the tournament will be a great success."