Babolat Evo Aero Pink Tennis Racquet

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Babolat Evo Aero Pink Tennis Racquet

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Babolat Evo Aero Pink Tennis Racquet


Babolat Evo Aero Pink Tennis Racket

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: ‎Babolat
Quantity:‎ 1
Department: ‎Tennis Racket
Generic Name: ‏Babolat Evo Aero Pin Tennis Racket
Colors: Pink
String pattern: 16x18 string pattern
String pattern & Frame: 16x18 string pattern, that makes it easier for you to start Generating Ball Effects: The enhanced bungy effect provides you easier power
EVO 4 FEEL: Our engineers fine-tuned the SMAC EX technology to make the most of it

Key Features Of Babolat Evo Aero Pink Tennis Racket

Comfort & Stability: The Babolat Evo Aero Pin Tennis Racket focuses on parameters like power & comfort with every successful yet dedicated serve. Adding to the ample of features the racket has additional stability allowing the ball to spin and remain agreeable at the same time. Don't get us started on how perfect was the Syntec Evo grip, which feels soft and cushioned for maximum comfort on every hit making it a magnificent choice.

Easy Power: Babolat has focused a lot on the tennis racket's power this time, after all, it is a design that tennis players demand. An extensive power over the opponent. The main factor enhancing its power is the 102 sq. inch (660 sq. cm) head.

Agreeability: Babolat makes sure that they focus on luxury alignments in other words we can say building your on-the-court elegance. Specialists sat and exclaimed that the SMAC EX technology to making the most of its potential.

Material excellence: The viscoelastic material in 4 key places around the aeromodular frame (3"/6"/9"/12") cushions vibrations and quietens the sound of the ball hitting the strings. This makes the playing experience nice and comfortable.

About The Product

The best way for a player to receive & achieve on-court glory is to do hard work and work toward the goal. When talking about goal tennis maestros says you are your opponent and challenging oneself is the best way to glorify your gameplay. To enhance this experience this further Babolat presents before you the fantastic… powerful Babolat Evo Aero Pin Tennis Racket, Featuring everything that you as a player would require.


How often should I restring my tennis racket?
So, there is no rocket science behind a racket’s restringing according to generalities a racket should be restrung within 3-6 months intervals depending upon your playing style.

How can I control the vibrations from my racket?
Controlling vibrations is a challenging thing in a tennis racket but it is made easy with accessories at They have these amazing tennis dampeners that restrict vibrations.

Can I customize my tennis racket's balance and swing weight?
Yes, you can customize the balance and swing of the racket by adding a certain weight to it. You can do it by adding lead tape to specific areas of the racket or injecting silicone into the handle of the tennis racket.

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