Babolat Fit Padel Bag

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Babolat Fit Padel Bag

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Babolat Fit Padel Bag


Babolat Fit Padel Bag

Composition: 55% recycled polyester and 45% virgin polyester

Color: White / Black

Brand: Babolat

SKU: 759014

Department: Padel Bag

Net Quantity: 1

Generic Name: Babolat Fit Padel Bag

Key Features of Babolat Fit Padel Bag

  • Carry in shoulder - This bag by Babolat is a shoulder bag to carry all essential padel tennis accessories and equipment from one place to another without hassle.
  • Water resistant - The outer material of the bag is water resistant making it safe and protected while carrying outside even in the rains.
  • Smaller side pockets - There are smaller side pockets in this bag for keeping smaller items like keys.
  • One main compartment - There is one main compartment in the bag where you can keep all your bigger equipment and accessories like a racket, shoes and other important stuff.

About the product

Babolat Fit Padel Bag is a women’s padel bag for active padel players. This bag is water resistant, has one big compartment to carry essential stuff. It has enough space where you can take 4 rackets with you. There is a small compartment at the side that can carry keys like small belongings. Made up of 55% recycled polyester and 45% virgin polyester, this bag is also environment-friendly. This 32-liter bag can carry many items that you want to carry to your play area.


What is a padel tennis bag?
Padel tennis bags are a specific kind of bags that are used to carry padel tennis related equipment and accessories, like padel rackets, shoes, towel, keys etc.

What to look for in a padel bag?
The main criteria for selecting a padel bag are your requirements which you should consider first. If you need to carry more than one racket, then the compartments should be big enough. On the other hand, if you need to carry other items like shoes, towels and any other, then you need a spacious bag. If you need to carry keys then the bag should have small compartments for that. So the types of bags you need to select are entirely dependent upon your usage.

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