Babolat Pro Response Overgrip x3

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Babolat Pro Response Overgrip x3

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Babolat Pro Response Overgrip x3

(You save: AED9.80 )

Pro Response X3 Tennis Overgrip 


For players who prefer playing with a particular sort of overgrip, the Pro Response X3 is your perfect choice. If you favor a tacky vibe in your grasp, a thin profile for enhanced racquet control, and excellent sweat retention, you're in good company. Very much like tennis sensation Felix Drill Aliassime, who has relied on the Pro Response throughout his career.


Extra Absorption for Confident Play


Bid farewell to those frustrating slippery hands on the court. The Pro Response X3 highlights a slight non-woven layer that quickly retains sweat, guaranteeing your racquet remains safely in your grip. Play each point with steadfast certainty.


Unrivaled Feel


Among our scope of tacky overgrips, the Pro Response X3 remains the most slender. We've planned it to permit you to feel each form of your racquet's grip, guaranteeing an ideal association with your instrument of triumph.




Sport: All Games

Type: Feel

Absorption Level: 5/5

Thickness: 0.45 mm (0.02 in)

Tackiness: Tacky

Length: 114 cm (45 in)

Composition: Non-woven (60% Rayon and 40% PET)

Nation of Origin: Taiwan


Raise your game with the Star Reaction X3 and experience the certainty that accompanies unrivaled hold and control. Join the positions of champions and assume command over your fate on the court.

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