Bidi Badu Crew Junior Shorts -Red

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Bidi Badu Crew Junior Shorts -Red

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Bidi Badu Crew Junior Shorts -Red


Bidi Badu Crew Junior Shorts –Red

Bidi Badu Crew Junior Shorts Features

  • Designs do not Restrict Movements: The shorts have long ergonomically designed cuts. The cuts and designs do not restrict your movement in any direction while playing. So, you can play excellently in any match.
  • Stretchable Fabric for Flexibility: The fabric used in the shorts are highly stretchable. It offers the right flexibility that you require to practice different moves on the court.
  • Drawstring Style: The waist of the shorts have a drawstring style. So, you can adjust the drawstring according to your comfort and waist size.
  • Side Pockets Available: The shorts come along with side pockets to hold balls for the game.

About Bidi Badu Crew Junior Shorts

When you are searching for the perfect shorts in all means, this product is the best for your boy. The super flexible and comfortable shorts allow the junior players to smash the best shots on court. The elastic on the cuffs and waist are also comfortable enough to offer the right support. Apart from the functional features, these shorts are also great in visibility. The red colored shorts are impressive with almost different tops available. You can put on a simple solid colored tee or a printed one as per your wish. Make your boy shine on court with a great performance in these red shorts from Bidi Badu.


Which feature defines the Bidi Badu Crew Junior Shorts?
The ergonomic cuts of the shorts allow the players to move their legs freely in different directions. With no restrictions, the players can make the best moves on the court.
What waist style is available for Bidi Badu crew Junior Shorts?
The junior shorts from Bidi Badu have a drawstring waist to allow adjustment by the players.
In what colors are the Bidi Badu Crew Junior Shorts available?
The shorts are available in different color options such as red, aqua, dark blue, and many more.

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