Head Boom Pro 2024 Tennis Racket

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SKU: 230104-S20
Condition: New
Length: 68.5
Strung Weight: 315
Unstrung Weight: 310
Head Size: 98
String Pattern: 16/19
Balance: 31
Beam Width: 22mm

Head Boom Pro 2024 Tennis Racket

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Head Boom Pro 2024 Tennis Racket


Product Specification:

Weight Unstrung: 10.9 oz / 310 g

Composition: GraphiteHead

Size: 97.65 sq.in / 630 sq.cm

Length: 26.97 in / 68.5 cm

Balance unstrung: 12.2 in / 31 cm

Beam Width: 22 mm

String Pattern: 16x19

Manufacturer: Head

Quantity: 1

Department: Tennis Racket

Generic Name: Head Boom Pro Racquet (310 GR)

Key Features Of Head Boom Pro Racquet (310 GR) Auxetic 2.0: The New Head Boom Pro Racquet (310 GR) is crafted with the exclusive implementation of the head's best technology i.e. Auxetic 2.0 technology. In this technology, the bridge is a main factor and acts as a strong support and controls the reverb vibrations of the tennis racquet offering you an upgraded game feel to the added cherry on top this technology also adds braided carbon fibers into the racket for added support and strength.

Morph Beam: The second highlighting feature of the Head Boom Pro Racquet (310 GR) is that it has a featured morph beam that is very adaptable and strongly reflexes the powerful shots with ease, as it transforms its shape with respect to the zone of racquet offering commendable racket power.

Uni Pattern: Next up in the features of Head Boom Pro Racquet (310 GR) we have the perfect spacing that offers a strong vibration reflex. Power Grommets: With enlarged grommets, the string movements are provided with more room to move and that results in increasing the shot's ultimate power.

Graphene Inside: Head Boom Pro Racquet (310 GR) is made from materials like graphite, carbon fiber, or some special materials that add strength & durability to the player allowing them to have a piece of strong equipment. The frame's construction also transfers energy to the ball so, your shot's power is just increased to double.

About The Product

The Head Boom Pro Racquet (310 GR) is a marvelous creation from the Premium brand Head it is a power-based tennis racket. This Head Boom Pro Racquet (310 GR) is made to last build to win and is a freaking blockbuster.  


How often should I change my tennis racket?

So, there is no rocket science behind a racket's replacement according to generalities a racket should be changed within 8-12 months intervals depending upon your playing style.

How can I control the vibrations from my Head Boom Pro Racquet (310 GR)?

Controlling vibrations is a challenging thing in a tennis racket but it is made at TennisShop.ae as we have these amazing tennis rackets with a resistantly absorbing core structure that restricts vibrations and is technically advanced in the industry.

Can I customize my Head Boom Pro Racquet (310 GR) balance and swing weight?

Yes, you can customize the balance and swing of the Tennis racket by adding a certain weight to it. You can do it by adding lead tape to specific areas of the racket to change the balance. 

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