Head Speed Pro Legend Tennis Racquet

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SKU: 236074-S30
Head Size(in²): 99.98
Length (In): 26.97
Balance(cm): 31
Beam Width(mm): 23
String Pattern: 18/20
Weight(g): 310

Head Speed Pro Legend Tennis Racquet

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Head Speed Pro Legend Tennis Racquet


Head Speed Pro Legend


Head Speed Pro Legend Features


  • Get Control of Your Pace: If you are a fast tennis player, you may often find it difficult to control your pace. This particular racquet will help you maintain and control the pace during aggressive matches. 


  • Impressive Design: This racquet is for those professionals who also are in love with great designs. This black beauty will surely catch your attention if you are looking for a racquet that is functional and also impressive. 


  • For the Power Lovers: Head Speed Pro Legend is designed mostly for the power players. The heavy structure is to smash hard on the coming balls. At the same time, the design offers stability to channel your power in the right direction. 


  • Easy on Hands: The brand understands the need for comfort while playing a fast-paced game. Hence, the racquet is soft on your hands to help you play comfortably. 


About Head Speed Pro Legend

The racquet very well stands up to its name ‘Legend’. It is perfectly designed for professional players who play fast but in a controlled manner. The brand offers an amazing combination of sturdiness, power, and comfort for the players on the court. Apart from the features that the racquet showcases, it also impresses you with its design. The brand has worked hard to offer it the upgraded features of a faster swing and a softer feel because of the Auxetic 2 technology. 



What offers the amazing features of Head Speed Pro Legend?

The brand has come up with several unique engineering concepts such as Auxetic 2. The technology is responsible for offering great swing and a soft feel at the same time. 


The Head Speed Pro Legend racquet is for which specific player category?

The racquet is for the professional category, especially for those who love power games. 


What is unique about Head Speed Pro Legend?

The unique feature of the racquet is its control. The racquet allows the players to gain control during an aggressive game. 


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