NikeCourt Multiplier Max Tennis Ankle Socks

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NikeCourt Multiplier Max Tennis Ankle Socks

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NikeCourt Multiplier Max Tennis Ankle Socks


The Comforting Foot Apparel

NikeCourt multiplier Max Socks is the ultimate sporting guide for your miraculous on-court performance. The foot of a tennis player is always defined as a strong pillar for a player extending its limits beyond the regional challenges. A tennis player's flexibility on the court is the main aspect representing their performance and we can redefine it with NikeCourt multiplier Max Socks.

Stabilizing Foot Performance 

The new NikeCourt multiplier Max Socks has a super comforting fit as it grips a player’s foot. The shoe’s arch band wraps your midfoot providing a supportive feel to the foot that directly influences the fast movement of a player on the court stabilizing its position in the shoe so there are no gaps left.

Soft & Sweat-Wicking

This extraordinary sock range from Nike features a very supportive and moisture-absorbing fabric with high sweat-wrecking capabilities. The material comprises a specific proportion of 2 different fabric materials namely: polyester & elastane with a ratio of 96% & 4% respectively. 

Product Specification:

Material Composition: 96% polyester/4% elastane

Wash Type: Machine wash

Colour Represented: White/White

SKU: CU1309-010

Country/Region of Emergance: China

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