Tecnifibre Rope code 1.24 Adult Unisex Tennis Strings

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Tecnifibre Rope code 1.24 Adult Unisex Tennis Strings

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Tecnifibre Rope code 1.24 Adult Unisex Tennis Strings

(You save: AED27.25 )

Tecnifibre Tennis Rope Blackcode

Elevate your tennis performance with the Tecnifibre Tennis Rope Blackcode, a premium offering for the discerning player who demands resistance and flexibility on the court. Highly recommended for rackets above 300g, this French-made rope stands out for its larger diameter, providing strength and durability. Explore the features that make Blackcode a top choice for players seeking precision, power, and resilience in their game.

Key Features:

1. Precision and Power for Demanding Players:

Tecnifibre, the leading brand in tennis cords, presents the Blackcode, tailored for the very good player who demands precision, control, and strength. This rope is designed to meet the criteria of the most discerning players, providing the perfect balance of resistance and flexibility for a superior playing experience.

2. Recommended for Rackets Above 300g:

Specifically crafted for rackets above 300g, the Blackcode rope is optimized to complement the characteristics of heavier rackets. Experience enhanced control and stability, allowing you to unleash your full potential on the court.

3. Thermocore Process for Flexibility:

The Blackcode rope sets itself apart from the Thermocore process, allowing flexibility despite the rigid material. Through the use of monofilament co-polyester, players gain control and strength without sacrificing the desired flexibility. This innovative process enhances overall performance on the court.

4. Pentagonal Construction for Effects:

With a pentagonal construction, the Blackcode rope facilitates a wide range of effects on the ball. This unique design adds versatility to your shots, allowing you to bring variety and creativity to your gameplay.

Product Specifications:

Specification Details
Model Name Blackcode
Colour Black
Main Material Co-Polyester
Recommended Tension Between 22 and 25 kg
Maximum Tension 32 kg
Recommended for Large Rope Breakers (>10 hours of gaming)

Immerse yourself in the precision, power, and resilience of the Tecnifibre Tennis Rope Blackcode. Crafted with expertise and designed for demanding players, this rope offers a unique blend of resistance and flexibility, providing you with the tools to excel on the court. Elevate your game with Blackcode's exceptional features and French-made excellence.

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