Tecnifibre TF-40 315 Tennis Racket (Unstrung)

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SKU: 14TF431582
Condition: New
Length: 68.50
Strung Weight: 320
Unstrung Weight: 315
Head Size: 98
String Pattern: 18/20
Balance: 31
Beam Width: 21mm
(You save: AED324.75 )

Tecnifibre TF-40 315 Tennis Racket (Unstrung)

(You save: AED324.75 )
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Tecnifibre TF-40 315 Tennis Racket (Unstrung)

(You save: AED324.75 )

Step onto the court with certainty utilizing the Tecnifibre TF-40 315 18M Tennis Racquet, a zenith of accuracy craftsmanship custom-fitted for halfway players. Release your true capacity with this unmatched racquet that flawlessly mixes power, control, and state-of-the-art innovation.

Key Elements: The TF-40 315 18M is essential for Tecnifibre's TF-40 range a demonstration of the brand's obligation to greatness. Created with excellent graphite, this racquet guarantees an ideal harmony between solidness and responsiveness, taking care of the requirements of middle players hoping to raise their game.

Ideal Head Size and Weight: With a head size of 630 sq.cm (98 sq.in), the TF-40 315 18M gives an optimal harmony among power and accuracy. Weighing 315g (11.1oz), this racquet guarantees that moderate players can produce controlled power, making it the ideal instrument for those hoping to improve their abilities on the court.

Balanced Design for Control: Flaunting a balance point of 310mm, this racquet offers a decent plan that improves control and mobility. The insightful design of the TF-40 315 18M guarantees that players can unhesitatingly execute various shots, answering with accuracy to each continue on the court.

Extended Length and Stringing Pattern: With a length of 68.6cm, this racquet gives extra reach and influence, permitting players to easily make more progress. The 18x20 hanging design further upgrades control, making the TF-40 315 18M a flexible decision for players looking for a racquet that adjusts to their developing style.

Sleek Cross Section for Aesthetic Appeal: The racquet's cross-part of 21.7 not only adds to its smooth and current appearance but also adds to its general streamlined features, guaranteeing a smooth and strong swing.

Product Specifications:

Head Size: 630 sq.cm / 98 sq.in

Weight: 315g / 11.1oz

Balance: 310mm

Length: 68.6cm

Stringing Pattern: 18x20 Cross

Section: 21.7 Boost your tennis experience with the Tecnifibre TF-40 315 18M Tennis Racquet - accuracy designed for the middle player who requests greatness on the court.

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