Wilson Blade Feel RXT 105 Tennis racket

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Wilson Blade Feel RXT 105 Tennis racket

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Wilson Blade Feel RXT 105 Tennis racket


Wilson Blade Feel RXT 105

Discover an exceptional blend of power, control, and reach with the Wilson Blade Feel RXT 105, a tennis racket designed with the passionate player in mind. Famed for its advanced engineering and flawless finish, this high-end racket adds a swift dimension to your game, making your performance spotlight worthy on the court.

A Master-Class Tool for Tennis Enthusiasts

The Wilson Blade Feel RXT 105 stands out with a vastly increased head size that offers a sizable 'sweetspot'. This innovative design allows players for precise and powerful strikes even when the ball doesn't land perfectly in the center. The racket sports a classic open string pattern, striking the perfect balance between machine-like control and explosive power, facilitating rotations like a dream.

Remarkable Impact Stability

With a carefully calculated weight, the Wilson Blade Feel RXT 105 delivers unparalleled stability when engaging in swift and strong strokes. This weight distribution maintains the racket's balance during dynamic strikes, keeping you in command, regardless of the intensity of the match.

Extended Reach for Superior Service

At a slightly extended length, this remarkable tool substantially enhances your reach, providing an additional advantage especially during service. This unique length broadens your scope on the court, allowing you to serve with increased power and placement.

Innovative Technologies for Peak Performance

The Wilson Blade Feel RXT 105 is equipped with the R Beam and Double Holes Technology, which substantially improve the racket's performance. The R Beam enhances stability and control while the Double Holes Technology promotes a larger sweetspot and optimizes the flex points of the strings, perfecting power delivery and response.

Appealing Aesthetics

Cloaked in a vibrant green, the main color of the racket, the Wilson Blade Feel RXT 105 sports an energetic and athletic look. As an adult-oriented product, its design is not just comforting to the eye but also communicates confidence and charisma on the court. Experience ultimate tennis gameplay as you never have before.

Product code: WR117610
Racket series: Blade
Weight: 298 
Head size (cm2): 677 
Balance: 330 
String pattern: 16/19 
Lenght: 69,85 
String tension (recommended in kg): 21-25 
Material: Graphite composite
Main color: Green
String: Yes
Cover: no
Double Holes Technology - Wilson
R BEAM - Wilson

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