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Probably you have heard the name of Dunlop. It is one of the oldest brands in the field of manufacturing tennis accessories. The brand was established by John Boyd Dunlop, in Scotland, in the year 1889. Though Dunlop was initially into making bike tyres, but from the 1900s, the company started manufacturing tennis balls. Later in 1930s, Dunlop created its first rackets.

With its amazing quality of product, Dunlop soon established itself as one of the top brands for tennis gear. Some of the greatest players are associated with Dunlop products. For example- Steffi Graff, John McEnroe, etc.

Dunlop uses several updated technologies to create its tennis gear. For example, it uses the Maxply technology, in which the rackets are produced completely from laminated wood. This is one groundbreaking creation by Dunlop.

Wide variety of products produced by Dunlop

Currently, Dunlop is manufacturing a wide range of tennis products, like tennis balls, rackets, bags and other accessories. If you are an advanced player, or recreational player, or even if you have just started playing, Dunlop has all accessories as per your advancement levels. By manufacturing high-quality products year after year, Dunlop has established itself as one of the most reliable and trustworthy brands in the field of tennis accessories.

Some of the products available at are-

  • Dunlop ATP Official Tennis Balls
  • Dunlop Australian Open Tennis Ball Pack Of 3
  • Dunlop Fort All Court Tennis Balls (Pack Of 3)

Buy Best Rackets from for Perfect Strikes

The Dunlop rackets are undoubtedly one of the best rackets to play with higher precision and perfection. If you want to level up your game, then Dunlop rackets are simply unparalleled. They can offer convenience in the court along with perfect strikes that will amaze the spectators.

The different types of Dunlop Racket series are-

  • Cx control series- This racket series is for you if you want perfection
  • Sx spin series- This racket series is for high-end spin
  • Fx power series- This racket is for the tennis players who want power

Dunlop Tennis Balls

Dunlop got official contract for supplying with tennis balls specifically for European Clay court. From 2010 and onwards, different tournaments are played with Dunlop’s tennis balls only.

Different tennis balls by Dunlop-

  • Pressureless tennis balls- These types of balls have thick and elastic surface shells. These balls get high bouncing force from this material. These balls dont change with time. Hence you can play with this ball for longer time.
  • Pressurized tennis balls- These types of tennis balls have rubber shells that are very thin. In these balls, the air is slowly subsided, and as a result, the balls are no more dynamic. Hence, these balls are not for long-term play.

Buy Best Dunlop Accessories for style

Not only a stylish tennis apparel flaunt your fashion statement, but your accessories also do that. So, carrying a tennis bag from Dunlop is a wonderful way to showcase the fashionista you even outside the court.

Buy Other Tennis accessories from

We are endeavor to deliver the best tennis accessories by Dunlop that are needed by the tennis players of all levels. Dunlop offers several tennis accessories like dampeners, overgrips, rackets, etc.

Highly efficient and responsive customer care of

If you are having any doubt while buying any Dunlop product from, then just message our customer support. We are available always for the faster reply and offer solutions to the problems that you may be facing while purchasing the tennis accessories that you need.

Want to buy tennis accessories? Shop with

Are you looking for a reliable online shopping center? Then is the best choice for you. We have the best possible products available in the market that are manufactured by Dunlop.


Which is the most famous model of racket by Dunlop that John McEnroe played with?

John McEnroe played with Maxply racket, which is a pure laminated wooden racket. He played tennis with this type of racket for a few decades. That specific rather then became world’s most famous racket due to its easiness to maneuver and precision.

Who are the few other star tennis players who used Dunlop rackets?

Steffi Graff played her game in 1988 US Open with Dunlop rackets.

Did many tennis stars play with Dunlop rackets?

Yes, in 1936, almost all tennis players were using Dunlop rackets compared to any other brand. Also, till now, Wimbledon has seen 60% above Dunlop rackets with its players.

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