Wilson Ultra Power 105 Tennis Racquet

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SKU: WR147010
Head Size(cm2): 677
Balance: 325
String pattern: 16/19
Weight: 279
Lenght: 68,6
String tension (recommended in kg): 21-25

Wilson Ultra Power 105 Tennis Racquet

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Wilson Ultra Power 105 Tennis Racquet


Product Name: Ultra Power RXT 105 Tennis Racket
Product Code: WR147010


The Ultra Power RXT 105 Tennis Racket is engineered to provide intermediate players with a perfect balance of power, stability, and control on the court. Designed as part of the Ultra Power Collection, this racket offers effortless power generation, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to increase velocity and accuracy in their shots.

Featuring a medium-weight composite frame, the Ultra Power RXT 105 delivers a lively and spin-friendly feel, allowing players to execute powerful strokes with precision. The racket comes pre-strung with an open 16x19 string pattern, enhancing playability and facilitating spin production for dynamic shot-making.

Arc 2 technology is integrated into the frame geometry to optimize stability, ensuring that shots stay on target even during intense rallies. The combination of an oversized head and Double Hole technology further enhances power generation while maintaining exceptional playability, giving players the confidence to dominate the game.

With its sharp design and powerful performance inspired by the Ultra performance series, the Ultra Power RXT 105 stands out as a versatile and reliable choice for intermediate players looking to elevate their game to the next level.

Key Features:

  • Ultra Power Collection: Engineered for players seeking effortless power on the court.
  • Fused Construction: Offers an excellent blend of playability and control.
  • Midsized Head: Provides enhanced feel and control for precise shot placement.
  • Arc 2 Technology: Optimizes frame stability for added control.
  • Double Hole Technology: Enhances power generation and shock absorption.
  • Pre-Strung: Ready for immediate use on the court.
  • Composite Material: Ensures a lightweight yet durable construction.

Unleash your potential with the Ultra Power RXT 105 Tennis Racket, the ultimate tool for intermediate players seeking power, stability, and control in every shot.

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