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    Uniqlo Roger Federer RF Hat Uniqlo Roger Federer RF Hat

    Uniqlo Roger Federer RF Hat

    How your support of Roger Federer with pride with this Uniqlo hat! The RF logo is embroidered on the face of the hat, while a message of "Go Roger" (the R, E and R are backward while GO is in a...

  • Roger Federer RF Graphic Tennis T-Shirt Best Roger Federer RF Graphic Tennis T-Shirt

    Roger Federer RF Graphic Tennis T-Shirt

    Experience the Legend In partnership with the tennis icon and UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassador, Roger Federer, we present the Roger Federer RF Logo Tee. This tee proudly boasts the RF logo, a favorite...

  • UNIQLO RF Men's Tennis Shirt UNIQLO Men's Tennis Shirt

    UNIQLO RF Men's Tennis Shirt

    This Roger Federer Gamewear set is designed under the direction of UNIQLO's Christophe Lemaire. - DRY-EX fabric with a special structure that quickly absorbs and diffuses moisture. - Made of 75%...

Be Confident on Court with Uniqlo Tennis Products

Do you want to discover the ultimate secret behind utmost comfort? Then Uniqlo is the brand for you.

Uniqlo opened its first brick-and-mortar store in the year 1984 and created a market of its one where style and comfort go hand-on-hand.

Stylish look, sun UV-ray protective material, airy fabrics, comfortable design and feel- everything you get from one brand that lets you feel special and express yourself on the court. Find the perfect fit from the versatile collection and thrive to rock the court with Uniqlo tennis apparel and tennis accessories.

Why Choose Uniqlo

Uniqlo products are one of its own kind. The technologies used to produce the sportswear are simply unparalleled.

  • DRY-EX technology: This absorbs moisture
  • AIRism technology: This is an anti-odor technology that prevents odor
  • BLOCKTECH: This is a water-repelling technology
  • HEATTECH: A unique heat retaining property for harsh weather

The Best Tennis Apparel in by Uniqlo

When you decide to buy tennis apparel and tennis accessories from Uniqlo, you can stay assured that they never compromise quality. Uniqlo is a brand that follows the ethics of providing value for money along with offering social responsibilities for society and employees and workers. Also, Uniqlo offers sustainable environmental policies that promise to create betterment of the environment and protection.

How is Uniqlo so Unique?

Uniqlo is associated with textile experts and scientists who endeavor to create the best products that are suitable for playing tennis on the court. If you want amazing deals and products from Uniqlo, you can get the best collection from We deliver every product in the UAE and Gulf countries within 24-48 hours with our express delivery.

The Best Tennis Accessories in by Uniqlo

At, we have several collections of tennis apparel like tennis tshirts, tennis caps, etc.

  • Uniqlo Roger Federer RF Tennis Hat
  • UNIQLO Roger Federer RF Cap


We, at endeavor to bring the best collection of tennis apparel and accessories that will not only offer the players a unique feel of comfort but also a unique sense of confidence. With the breathable material, affordable price, and unique design, we aim to make Uniqlo products easily accessible to all the tennis players in UAE and other Gulf countries irrespective of their age and gender.


  • Why has Uniqlo increased its price since 2023?
    With an increase in labor cost, raw material price, and logistics price, Uniqlo is compelled to increase the price of its products as they never compromise with the quality.
  • Where is Uniqlo from?
    Uniqlo is a brand from Tokyo, Japan.
  • Why is Uniqlo so famous?
    Uniqlo follows high brand ethics, quality, innovation, commitment, and affordable prices that make this brand a topmost desirable brand for tennis players globally.
  • Does Uniqlo really provide high-quality tennis dresses?
    Yes, Uniqlo is a brand that is mainly known for its high quality, heat and water resistant, innovative, and affordable tennis dresses and tennis accessories.
  • Where does Uniqlo produce its tennis dresses?
    Uniqlo doesn’t have its own factory. Rather it has several factories located globally from which they outsource the products.
  • Which celebrity player supports Uniqlo tennis apparel?
    As per Forbes, tennis player Roger Federer signed a contract with Uniqlo in 2018 for then years to promote their tennis apparel and accessories.
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